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There’s plenty of material out there telling us who we are and how we should behave as women, girls, and FEMALES. But how often do you find a ministry dedicated to helping young women discover the FATHER’s heart for His daughter as she prepares to become a future bride?

We can’t start too early preparing to be the BRIDE! As a matter of fact, we will actually spend the rest of our lives discovering how to be the Bride as He originally intended. Even though culturally, the trend is to marry later in life, the influences about marriage begin earlier than ever before. Unfortunately, many of the influences in our society have lead many women into great misunderstandings about marriage, commitment, and love.

The vision of The Garden Apostolic Training Center is to "foster spiritual growth and provide training to equip believers in Jesus Christ for the work of the ministry". For thebrideunveiled, this is accomplished through a dedicated team of women who come alongside each of these young girls providing wisdom, guidance, and truth as they prepare to be a future bride.

Brideunveiled will provide opportunities for young girls to prepare spiritually, relationally, emotionally and practically. Just a few of the sessions will include basic home functions, cooking & baking, how to do hair and makeup; opportunities to hear truth from a "guy’s perspective", other women's experiences,  and opportunities to develop friendships with other girls.

If you are looking for something MORE than what "the world" says about preparing to be a BRIDE, becoming a BRIDE, and living as a BRIDE, then Brideunveiled is for YOU!